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I had the honor of hearing about Molly this past weekend. I will never get to meet her here on earth, but I know I will see her in heaven.

I was invited to a Build A Bear for Molly Event this weekend by my friend Beth. Now, I get alot of invites to events, and it took me a few days to click on it, but once I did I knew I wanted to help.  My son Jared and I had the opportunity to attend on Saturday.  We love to give back and to help others.  Molly’s memory will live on forever, thanks to a large group of people.

Jared and I had the privilege of meeting Beth and her sister Lori at Saturday’s event. These moms were incredible! The hard work they put into the event was so appreciated! And the staff and employees at Build A Bear in Robinson were so excited to be part of this, they are so friendly, and most of them donated a bear too! At last count, I saw that 37 Bears had been donated!! AWESOME!!

Here is the one Jared chose to make, it’s a little monkey with Cars pajamas :)

The following article was submitted to me by my friend Beth:

Seven year old, Molly Dunne, was diagnosed with severe Pulmonary Hypertension after collapsing on her first day of kindergarten in Sept 2010.  She had a long, difficult journey and overcame many miracles.  A few days after she collapsed, she went into cardiac arrest and was placed on ECMO (heart-lung bypass).  She was then flown from Delaware to Pittsburgh, PA and became the 2nd child in the U.S. to be placed on an artificial lung, called a Novalung on which she remained for 25 days.  During that time we learned Molly suffered a significant brain injury.  We were told Molly may never see, walk, talk or do anything like a normal child again.  We also found out that her Pulmonary Hypertension is due to Hereditary Hemorraghic Telangiectasia, a genetic condition that causes malformations in blood vessels. Through her rehab therapy she made tremendous strides and overcame HUGE obstacles.  Walking with the help of a walker, saying a few words and one thing was clear, she was most definitely seeing everything around her.  She had come so far.  Unfortunately, her Pulmonary Hypertension progressed.  Heart failure set in and her lungs became very sick.  She was not eligible for transplant and Palliative Care was called in to make whatever time Molly had left the best it can be!  A bucket list for Molly was created.  But things deteriorated with Molly rather quickly, much more quickly than anyone anticipated.  When it became clear that Molly would never be able to fulfill her bucket list, my cousin Erin Lacey launched “Flat Molly.”  Two days before Molly passed away Molly’s mother, Kristen Dunne recalls, “Molly and I spent most of the day laying in her bed looking at all of the pictures.  She was full of smiles and so thrilled to see all of the fun places she “visited”.  On Wednesday, one of her biggest wishes was fulfilled when she received a phone call from Miley Cyrus wishing her well.  Molly was very much aware of who was on the phone and was obviously happy to hear from her.”  Molly lost her battle with Pulmonary Hypertension on Thursday May 17th at 3:32AM.   Molly has an older brother Ryan, age 9, and a twin sister, Kate, 7. Molly is dearly loved by so many.  Both Pulmonary Hypertension and HHT are rare disorders and we want to get the word out to hopefully help prevent another family having to go through what they’ve been through.

This is what happens when people get together for a greater good, to help a grieving family and to help others who are suffering.

One thing is for sure, Molly loved Build-A-Bear. What better way to honor Molly than to make another child who is sick happy by giving them a little something to bring them a smile and brighten their day.


You are invited to design and donate your own Build-A-Bear creation, which will be personally delivered to a hospitalized child at UPMC Children’s where Molly spent 82 days.

No child wants to spend their summer cooped up in a hospital; help us make sure those children who are away from home have a special gift! A gift honoring a girl who was so special to so many of us.

Unable to donate a bear, but still would like to help? Several options are available:
* Gift cards to Build-A-Bear are welcome in any denomination.
* Cash donations are also welcome. They may be designated to be used for the Build-A-Bear project OR to go directly to the Miracles for Molly Dunne Fund, P.O. Box 5109, Wilmington, DE 19808.
* Continued prayers for the Dunne & Porstman families as they cope with the loss of a life taken too soon.

********** IF YOU ARE NOT LOCAL **********

Consider starting your own Build-A-Bear drive or you can always support us by gift card/cash donations to the Miracles for Molly Dunne Fund. Contact Beth Lehmier for address on where to mail gift cards.


If you would like to read more about Molly’s story, feel free to visit her Facebook Page and her Caring Bridge website at:

To accomplish this task, Beth has formed a team of AWESOME helpers to take collections and help her get the bears to the hospital. She certainly couldn’t undertake this task by herself.

(While the Build-A-Bear Events listed below are over, the Build-A-Bear Drive will continue for a few more weeks. And if Beth can get enough people interested, she can do another event Party at the local Mall)

BUILD-A-BEAR DRIVE PARTY – ROBINSON MALL, 11AM, 10% Discount on Bears donated to the Miracles for Molly Bear Drive, JUNE 9TH

BUILD-A-BEAR DRIVE PARTY – SOUTH HILLS VILLAGE MALL, NOON, 10% Discount on Bears donated to the Miracles for Molly Bear Drive, JUNE 10TH

Here is a list of people who are helping.

To get more info or to help, check out their fb page (Pittsburgh Area) at:

Miracles for Molly Dunne: Build A Bear Drive facebook page

Beth Lehmier – West of Pittsburgh { I live in Moon Township and can take deliveries anytime I am home. I also plan to organize a few drop off dates in Robinson. Stay tuned for information! }

Kiersten Camacho – West of Pittsburgh {i live in moon twp and can take deliveries any time i am home. i also have a covered porch and bears could be left there if need be}

Jen Forsyth – North of Pittsburgh

Tabitha Striegel-Kelly – North of Pittsburgh

Andrea Baer – East of Pittsburgh

Shelly Horgan – South of Pittsburgh (Bears can be delivered anytime to my house, I have a covered front porch or I can meet you. Send me a message for my address.)

Lori Tinlin – Beaver County (Bears can be delivered to my home in New Brighton ANY TIME, or Thursday May 24th in Rochester)

Danielle McKain – Washington County

Christine Dorish – Washington County { Bears can be delivered to my home in Chartiers Twp anytime I am home. }

Heather Parker – Ohio and West Virginia

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  1. Kristen Dunne says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Molly’s story and participating in the BAB drive. <3

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